Saturday, July 9, 2011

Scary Timing

         Have you ever truly thought about the meaning of time, or just time in general? It's a scary thing. At one moment, you can be having a great time and then POOF!! it's over and you find yourself laying on your bed at night wondering how that could have possibly gone by that quick.
   I used to be the kind of person that would look forward to something so much that it was all I could think about, but now, I'm trying really hard not to do that, though often I still struggle. It's no use to think about the future so much that you spend all of your time wishing that day would come sooner because when it finally does come, it happens way to fast and before you know it, the thing that has completely occupied your mind for the past month is already over. What's the point in wasting your life looking forward to something that goes by so fast? I finally understand why people always used to tell me, "Don't wish your life away." If you spend all  your time wishing for something to happen, then you don't get to live the life you have right now at this very moment.
     The thought of getting old scares me, and though I'm only fifteen, it seems like its comming quick. In three years, I'll graduate high school. After that, college, and then who knows what. My life has gone by so fast already. I remember just starting kindergarten. The thought of ever not being in school seemed impossible. Now, in all reality, its almost over and it all happened so fast. Time is a scary thing, probably my biggest fear actually. If you really think about it, its petrifing. Every word you say, after it has come out of your mouth is history. Every movement you make, as soon as you make it, is already history. It's in the past. Every breath you breathe, every step you take, every sound you make, is history as soon as it happens. What's even more scarry is thinking about the future, like I said before, it comes and goes in the snap of a finger and there is absoutely nothing you can do about it. Sure is freaky, huh?

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