Sunday, November 27, 2011

Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Already Taken.

   Love yourself. That's one of the most important rules of life. If you dont love yourself, then you wont be able to know yourself and if you don't know yourself, then neither can anybody else. Be who you are inside because if you tried to be someone else your life would be a lie and you would never have the chance to be as happy as you possibly could be. It would be hard to fall in love with someone else if you didnt already love yourself because how could you expect someone else to love you if even you couldn't? God made you just the way he wanted to. That in itself makes you beautiful. Just remember this next time you look in the mirror and feel like your ugly or wish you looked like someone else. If God wanted you to be another way, then that's how he would have made you. But instead, he made you YOU!  Embrace it, love it, because there is no one else like you. If you know you're beautiful, so will everyone else. Be the best you you can be. Stand up for what you believe and say what you think. Love yourself, be yourself, define youself.

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