Friday, December 2, 2011

Buried Alive

    I could hear the muffled sobs of my friends and family through the closed wooden door that kept us apart.
 Dont Cry.  I tried to tell them, but my mouth wouldn't move. I'm not dead I promise! I knew that, but they didn't. Everyone else thought my soul had departed itself from my body and made its way to a new place, but I knew differently. I knew were it really was, the truth. It was still tucked away inside my body, the same place it had been for the past fifteen years of my life. My body, on the other had, was somewhere it had never been before. I was being forced to attend my own funeral, but my heart was still beating. In fact, the longer I laid in that coffin, the harder it began to beat agains the walls of my chest.
    "Not my baby! She was to young to die!" I wasn't dead! What about this did they not understand?
    "It's ok. She's in a better place now."
    No Dad, I'm not! I"m still here, right in front of you! Would he miss me? Would anyone miss me?
  I felt a tear roll down my cheek. Maybe someone would see that I was crying! Maybe they'll realize that I'm alive!
  No such luck. NO one noticed. I tried to move my arms, even just a little, but nothing happened. I tried to say something but only I could hear it.
  Please! Help me! I screamed, but only I could hear it.
    My coffin started to move. They were putting me in the ground.
  Again, I focused all of my energy on opening my mouth. It didn't work, I was doomed! I was going to be trapped, six feet under thousands of pounds of dirt, grass, and all things living. There was nothing I could do now, but I wouldn't give up. Soon it was going to be to late but I refused to die without putting up a fight.
  They were lowering me down now. My chances were almost up. I was terrified. Sad visions of death flashed through my head. I shuttered at the horrible thought of being stuck here in my own personal dungeon-like coffin.
  I felt myself hit the ground. An avalanche of dirt fell upon me like snow off a mountain in the middle of winter. I laid there, silently, for what seemed like eternity. Gradually, oh so gradually, I was finally able to move my body. I clawed with utter desperation, trying to escape.
  "Help me! Help!" I screamed. "I'm alive! Can anyone hear me?" I knew they couldn't. My voice echoed against the sullen walls of the box that contained me. I laid down my head in surrender. It was over. I was over. This is where I would lay, from now through eternity.


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