Monday, September 26, 2011

Why, Hello there!! =D

       So, right now I am sitting in my fourth hour multi-media class and I am bored out of my mind. As I was surfing the internet, I mysteriously stumbled upon my blog and thought, "Hey, why not."

      I was reading over some of my recent posts and realized that it's starting to sound a little preachy, which I dont want at all. When I find a quote that I like, I feel the need to back it up. I'm mostly trying to explain it to myself while I'm typing, so I pitty, yet greatly appreciate, anyone who is  reading this.

      If you're wondering how I'm having time to blog during class, the answer is simple. We are leaning all about how to make power point presentations, which I learned how to do years ago in elementry school. It's super easy so I skipped ahead and got everything done. Boy, do I love this class :) There's nothing better than an easy A!!

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