Sunday, January 15, 2012


   So, I've been watching the show "Heros" lately. Ever seen it? If not, you should definately check it out. I love it! It's about a bunch of people that all have different powers and are teaming up to save the world while also running from a crazy killer named Sylar who's main goal is to kill all of the "special" people so he can take their powers. It sounds super nerdy, and I have to admit, it is...but it's amazing!

   I was sitting at my desk tonight imagining which power I would like to have and I cant quite decide. There is a police officer (A.K.A Matt Parkman) who can read minds. It helps him do his job by letting him be able to tell if a person is guilty or not. I think that would be an amazingly cool power. I could do a job like that and help the world while using it for my own good as well. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell what people were thinking about you? Sometimes what you would hear would be hard to take, but I would rather know the truth. Everything wouldnt always be bad though. It would be fun to hear the good things people think that go unspoken. I would probably listen to people's thoughts all the time, even if they wernt about me. It would be really interesting hear what people think about when they dont think anyone else knows. I feel bad for anyone that could hear my thoughts! (not that they're bad, but definately confusing)

   Another power I think would be awesome is regeneration. Claire Bennete on "Heros" is able to do this. It lets her go into dangerous situations, like burning buildings, to save other people. It's almost impossible for her to die. It's not that I dont want to die, because I would love to go to heaven someday, but I dont want to go any time soon. It would be cool to have it untill I got to the age when people are suppossed to die. Then I would gladly give it up.

  Nathan Petrelli is able to fly. I would love to do that as well because it would make me feel free. I can remember when I was really little always wondering how the birds felt when they were flying. It has always fascinated me. There would be several advantages to this, such as not having to face rush hour traffic when your trying to be somewhere on time (I live in a little town in Missouri so I dont have to worry about this, but it would still be nice to have that option if I ever went to a city) Also, you would never have to fly on public planes if you're one of those people that are worried about terrorist attacks. Plus, it would just be fun!

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  1. You may or may not have gotten there yet, but there's also this guy who can just think about another hero and use their powers. I thought that was pretty awesome hehe.

    I watched at least half of the first season when it was first airing, then I just never could keep up with it and I wasn't that interested, so I didn't watch it. It's a good show though!