Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Letter To You

       Has there ever been a time when you've really wanted to say something to someone, but you couldn't say it to their face? Something like "I love you" perhaps? Or anything, really. I've been there many times. Not necessarily "I love you" but different things. I've found that it is really helpful to write that person a letter, even if you don't ever plan on giving it to them. It gives your mind peace, as if you said it to them rather than just wrote it down on a piece of paper. 
       I'm a writer by nature, so I write quite often. Sometimes, when I don't know what else to write I'll write a letter to a random person that pops in my head, even if there's nothing specific I want to tell them. Sometimes I give it to them. and other times I just keep it for myself. I have a baggie full of letters I never gave to people in my desk drawer! This is just an idea that might help you clear your mind. I know it works for me!

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