Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Young Love

Most people say young love isn't true love, that it won't last forever. In most cases, this is true, but not in all. If you're young and in love, don't listen to the people who are trying to discourage it. Who knows, you might be together forever. Just in case somehow for some reason it doesn't work out, just know that there is a reason. God has someone else in store for you that you will love so much more, even if you can't see it at the time. There have been thousands (or more) high school sweethearts who have made it past the "young love" stage onto what other people saw as the "actual love" stage were beyond happy for the rest of their lives. I personally think that maybe young love sometimes is truer love than meeting someone when  you're older. Why, you ask? Well, for various reasons. First of all, I know several couples that either got married in high school or married their high school sweet heart years after graduating that are happier than the couples that got married later on in life. Coincidence? Maybe so, but possibly not. When you're together at a young age, you experience so much more. I just mean more time together, but experiences as a teenager that turn you into the person you are in the present. The teenage years can be the toughest of one's life, and if the same person is with you through those AND through the regular experiences that other couples have during adulthood, you're love has a huge potential to be that much stronger.
      My great grandma Jane was telling me the story of her and my grandfather, Charles, the other day and it was the sweetest thing I think I've ever heard. It goes a little like this...

      Jane's was only fifteen when her older sister, Emmie,  had made plans to go on a date with a boy, but he couldn't go unless his friend Charles wen't to. Emmie wanted this date so badly but she had to find someone to go with Charles as well. What better person to ask than her little sister? Jane agreed, but she didn't think anything of it. She just figured she'd go along for only that night and forget all about the whole thing. As the night went on though, she decided that Charles wasn't so bad. Maybe she did like him after all. They began seeing each other more often, and after a few months, they never went a day with being together. Charles would come by after work every day to see her beautiful face. Their relationship went on like this for a short time before they knew that they couldn't bare the thought of not being together for a single second. At only sixteen, he asked her for her hand in marriage. She willingly agreed, but their parents had a different opinion. They told them that if they wanted it bad enough, they had to wait until both of them had turned seventeen. Without a choice, they went along with the plan. They wasted no time getting hitched once their birthdays had passed. Together, they lived happily ever after, almost like a fairy tale. Two kids were the product of their love, a boy and a girl both. They wondered how life could get any more perfect. Those kids eventually grew up to have kids of their own, and then they had children too. Jane and Charles had produced a wonderfully large family that they loved so very much. The couple hardly spent any time away from each other up until December 16, 2006 when Charles went onto Heaven to meet the Lord. Although Jane knew he was in a better place, she was devastated. Her knight and shining armor was gone, but still to this day, she looks forward to being able to meet the Lord as well and finally be back in the arms of her true love.

    See? True love at a young age is possible. If you love someone enough, don't be afraid to say it even if others try to convince you that you're wrong. True love may come at an early age, so be ready!


  1. All Best Wishes For a True and Long Lasting Young Love!!

  2. *sobs* It's so beautiful! And so sad. :( I love this post.