Saturday, June 9, 2012


How amazing would it be if you were able to see your future? It would make life so much easier sometimes. I mean, think about it. You wouldn't have to suffer half as much as you do now because you would know that everything would be alright. Let's take a break up for example. If you could see how much happier you are going to be with someone else later on in life, then you wouldn't be as miserable. Not only would seeing the future help with these experiences, but other dramas in life too like maybe a fight with a friend or even just to see the person you are going to turn into. You would be able to see that you are going to be okay, no matter what happens. You don't really need to be able to see the future to know this though. Did you know that God puts you through everything for a reason? Well, he does. He does this because he knows it will make you a stronger person in the end to go through the things you do. Everything that happens to us in the past is part of what makes us who we are in the present. Even though it would be nice to see how things will turn out, we don't need to. We need to be able to take the bad things in stride with the good and just know that no matter what happens, everything will be okay eventually. Have you ever thought about that? How when things get rough, no matter what, it is always okay in the end? It's quite amazing actually. It's funny how life works that way, huh? Life is just a weird thing, really. It can be so confusing, so ugly, yet completely beautiful and wonderfully amazing. Life is,well, life. 

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  1. How amazing would it be if you were able to see your future? .....
    Hmm.. Really Good Frenzy!!
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